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Convergent Trader’s Pledge

I, , take this pledge to improve myself as a trader and as a professional.

I pledge to:

  1. Seeing the market as a force that sustains me and whose energy I can profit from. I don't stand in the way of the market; I align myself with it.
  2. Honoring my emotions rather than ignoring them before, during and after the trade.
  3. Taking responsibility for my reactions. How I react is entirely up to me.
  4. Knowing and accepting how much I stand to lose on each individual trade before taking the risk.
  5. Pausing for 1 hour on 3 losing trades in a row, if I still have credit on the day.
  6. Stopping trading for the week on 3 losing days in a row.
  7. Establishing my daily loss limit and honoring it.
  8. Reviewing my performance on a weekly basis and setting my own goals before the week begins.
  9. Giving up the privilege of trading the next day if I don't honor my daily loss limit today.
  10. Trading only using risk capital; funds that I can afford to lose without impacting my lifestyle.
  11. Trading with a plan, even if it is a simple one. I understand that trading impulsively is not for career traders.
  12. Judging my performance at the end of each week rather than at the close of each trade. My edge requires many trades to show itself.
  13. Identifying, documenting and committing to eliminate my trading errors through focused and deliberate practice.
  14. Supporting my fellow traders in their quest to consistency just as they will support me in mine.
  15. Proudly letting my honest actions and results represent the trader I aim to be.

I understand and accept this pledge. I commit all of my deliberate focus and discipline to honoring this pledge.

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